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Sasha Grey Bio and Information

Sexual superstar, Sasha Grey, grew up in North Highlands, California and moved to Los Angeles at age 18 to actively persue a career in porn. She went in with a strong and sex-positive attitude, determined to show herself as a sexually-empowered woman and not a girl going down a dim path.

Sasha's success since has been tremendous. Within a year, she had earned coveted awards and titles. She later branched out into mainstream work, which is feat that is often too difficult for adult performers to accomplish to the level Sasha has.

In addition to pornography, the dark-eyed beauty has branched out into music, modeling and acting. She earned a great deal of notice when cast as the lead for Academy Award winning director Steven Soderbergh's film The Girlfriend Experience.

Sasha's intense performances in films and unabashed displays of her body in images, make her impossible to forget. This pale-skinned brunette with her naturally svelte figure and pouty lips proves that she has what it takes to cross all boundaries and indulge in the fantasies that wait there.

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